Manang is remote mountain village beneath the Annapurna massif in Nepal. In 1979 the Czech photographer Zdenek Thoma spent a several days photographing the village and it's people. After approximately thirty years, his son Michal arrived to Manang documenting the dramatic change. The original exhibition set of old and new photographs created by the father and son authors was displayed in Kathmandu, Nepal and is kept in Manang village itself as a permanent show. Photographic project reached it's flashpoint in autumn 2011 with the big exhibition in the Prague's Stone Bell House. Another displays in the regions of Czech Republic and European countries are in planning.

Expedition Manang 2011

Expedition Map

After another few more weeks the long awaited "cultural expedition" in search of past and present of Manang village is due to commence. Beside Zdenek and Michal Thoma other participants are the film director Milos Zabransky, and the traveller and the Vsacan travel agency CEO Libor Bures. In Nepal we will be accompanied by mountain guide Binod Gurung, who also been in Manang with Michal in 2008, the mountain development expert and consultant Maheshwor B. Shrestha and the pilot and Manang Youth Society president Tripple Gurung. Expedition team will meet in Kathmandu 24th March.

Invitation to diashow at GO Kamera festival!

Go KameraAs part of travel festival GO Kamera we're going to hold diashow of the photographs from Manang 30 Years After. Event is due to happen at Friday  14th January, 4pm in Congress center of Brno Trade Fairs.

Apart form diashow the GO Kamera festival has rich and interesting program since Thurday 13th to Sunday 16th January.

We hope to see you there!

The english langugage catalogue printed

Catalogue In cooperation with our partners in Nepal (Manang Youth Society, Himal Association and KIMFF) we issued English language exhibition catalogue at the day of exhibition opening on 9th December. The publication provides thorough information on exhibition and its authors and presents nearly forty photographs including captions.

The exhibition is success in Kathmandu!

Visitor views exhibited photographs For three day already the visitors of KIMFF can see the exhibition in the lobby of Kathmandu City Hall (Rastriya Sabha Griha). Even before the opening ceremony of festival, hundreds of invited visitors, including media, nepalese cultural public and foreign guest, seen the exhibited photographs. To my satisfaction, the visitors expressed deep interest and studied photos carefully reading all captions. To today, the exhibition was seen by thousands of people who filled visitor's book with the dozens of passionate notes.

The exhibition is due to be inaugurated in Kathmandu

The exhibition in Kathmandu is just due to begin soon! Today I'll hang all the photographs in the lobby of Kathmandu City Hall (Rastriya Sabha Griha). The exhibition will officially start on Thursday 9th December at 2pm along with the opening ceremony of the KIMFF (for invited only). Exhibition will be open for public till 13th December from 11am to 6pm. You are warmly welcome to come and see!

The exhibition packed for Kathmandu!

Michal Thoma deinstaluje výstavu v DahabuOn 1st December we took the exhibition down and packed it for the long journey. The photographs are going to Kathmandu on Sunday 5th December.

The exhibition was displayed in Dahab restaurant for 2 weeks and was seen by hundreds of interested and casual visitors.

The exhibition is presented for the first time in Prague!

Exhibition vernissage in Dahab Restaurant, PragueIn the 18th November the exhibition got it's first exposure to the public in the Dahab Restaurant in Prague's historical centre. The exhibition is open till 1st December from 2pm to 12pm in the first stage of the restaurant. The admission is free.

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