Fall 1979 - The Beginning

Czech photographer Zdenek Thoma reached Manang village in Nepal. It was still an undeveloped and inaccessible mountain settlement mostly untouched by tourism. Its stunning setting beneath the mountain giants and welcoming inhabitants persuaded Thoma to stay at least for a few days. He shot several photographs documenting the village and its people's everyday life at that time. He also had a rare opportunity to experience the religious Badhe festival. After coming back home, Thoma produced a photographic exhibition called Village in The Shadow of Annapurna. Since the eighties until today this collection has been shown several times in many galleries and museums in the Czech and Slovak Republics.

Spring 2008 - Ammendment is born

Thoma's son Michal went to Manang carrying the thick pack of photographs his father had shot there nearly 30 years before. He took photographs of people who appeared on his father's images and listened to the stories of their lives. He also documented the change in the village architectural landscape and its overall development. After coming back to the Czech Republic and assessing the new photographs from Manang, both Thomas shared the idea to produce a joint exhibition showing the photographs of Manang now and then. Also they were feeling that such an account should reach the public in the country of its origin and, ultimately, the exhibition should be brought to the Manang village itself.

November 2010 - First display

Exhibition Manang 30 Years After is first displayed in Dahab restaurant in Prague. This small and short event is organized mainly for journalists, sponsors and Nepal enthusiasts. Intention is to spread a word about the project among the public on it's very beginning.

December 2010 - Exhbition in Kathmandu

As part of the Kathmandu Internationa Mountain Film Festival (KIMFF) the exhibition was presented to Nepali and international public. Photographs were seen by thousands of festival visitors in the lobby of Kathmandu City Hall (Rastriya Sabha Griha).

April 2011 - Photographs brought to Manang

Authors went on trekking and brought images to Manang, which is still five days walk far from nearest road. Exhibition opening ceremony in Manang Culture Museum was attended by about hundred of local people and trekkers alike. Photographs were left in Manang as permanent display.

September to October 2011 - Exhibition in Prague

As a flashoint of the whole project, exhibition was on display in Prague in the Stone Bell House on the Old Town Square. Opening ceremony was attended by hundreds of people. Another thousands visited the venue during one month long display. Total 80 photographs on the show were partly the old images from 1979 and 2008 accompanied by the very new which authors took during their stay in Manang in April 2011.

Fall 2011 onward

After the success of the Prague exhibtion authors aim to display photographs in the regions of Czech Republic and European countries.