Exhibitions sets

Total two exhibition sets were enlarged as part of the project. First one was produced in the autumn 2010 to be exhibited in Nepal and ultimately put as permanent display in Manang Culture Museum. Second set intended for Czech Republic and European countries was produced in the summer 2011.

Axis of the exhibition are pairs of photographs showing village present and past. Comparison pairs are accompanied by number of old and new solo images which speaks about the change itself. All photographs are accompanied with captions in English and Czech language.

For selection of 30 exhibitied images see page Photographs.

Exhibition set for Europe


Exhibition consist of 80 photographs. The two are panoramtatic views 200 x 40 cm large, 10 images are 70 x 40 cm and 68 are 30 x 45 cm. Photographs are accompanied by 5 information panels in English and Czech language. Images can be hanged on the wall or hanging system. Overall space needed to present the photographs is 30 to 35 meters of walls.

Gelleries and museum halls are appropriate venues as well as the travellers' festivals and similar events. It's important to keep the sequence of photographs and allow visitors enough space to read the captions easily.

Exhibition is offered for display. For dates and other conditions please contact us.

Permanent display in Manang village, Nepal

Display in Manang 60 photographs in 30 x 40 cm format can be seen in Manang Culture Museum in Manang village on the Annapurna Circuit trekking trail. Authors personally brought exhibition here and granted it to NGO Manang Youth Society to exhibit it in the village museum as a permanent show. ...read more