Media response to the exhibition in Manang

Expedition ManangAlthough the village 6 days walk away from nearest road and 3500 meters high is not really attractive place for TV staffs and reporters' crowds, we got very satisfactory coverage by various media.

Whole two pages of English language weekly Nepali Times was dedicated to the project. Feature by noted Nepali journalist Kunda Dixit bears the title "Not just taking pictures, but giving them back".

Nepali language speakers could read extensive article by Pradip Pokhrel in popular weekly Nepal.

Thorought story about the project and our motives behind it was published as "Three decades old portraits brought smiles in Manang" by Surendra Rana on his server Himalayan Mentor.

Brief diary from the expedition in Czech language was published by the expedition member Libor Bures. It's displayed on the web of Vsacan Travel Agency.

We firmly hope this is not the end of the list and more media coverage will come soon!