Expedition Manang 2011

Expedition Map

After another few more weeks the long awaited "cultural expedition" in search of past and present of Manang village is due to commence. Beside Zdenek and Michal Thoma other participants are the film director Milos Zabransky, and the traveller and the Vsacan travel agency CEO Libor Bures. In Nepal we will be accompanied by mountain guide Binod Gurung, who also been in Manang with Michal in 2008, the mountain development expert and consultant Maheshwor B. Shrestha and the pilot and Manang Youth Society president Tripple Gurung. Expedition team will meet in Kathmandu 24th March.

By 28th March we're going to depart up to the mountains. The group of the porters will take care about the exhibition, which we're going to carry by land. From Kathmandu, we will first reach Syange village by jeep on the narrow unpaved and dangerous roads. From there we have to trek to Manang another 5 days. We should reach our goal by 2nd April.

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After hanging and inaugurating the exhibition in Manang museum in 4th April we plan to photographically document further changes in Manang's present lifestyle. These photographs will be used in the Prague exhibition in June. We will also focus on making documentary film on Manang and it's change. We will also make our way to the Tilicho lake nearly five thousand meters high.

We shall leave Manang by flight from mountain airstrip at Humde village (if weather permits). The very end we will enjoy in calm and beautiful town of Pokhara. In Kathmandu we shall also meet it's Manangi community. Our flight back home is scheduled to 19th April.