Exhibition at the Stone Bell House since 15th September!

Tři grácie z MananguExtended set of the project pohotographs will be exhibited in the cellars of Stone Bell House (City Gallery of Prague) from 15th September to 16th October. You will see 80 photograpsh enlarged to 70x45 and 45x30 centimeters and even two panoramatic shots two meters wide. Beautiful venue of the medieval house in the center of Prague is like created for our exhibition!

Original exhitibion set was supplemented by photographs shot during Expedition Manang 2011. We were successfull in finding more people who appeared on 1979 photographs and documented more changes which happened in mere three years since Michal Thoma's visit.

During our stay in Manang we could also experience unique archery festival called Metha. Photographs from this event are are also part of the exhibition set.

As the matter of coincidence at the time of our exhibition, you can see also photograhic set of the great american photographer Andreas Feininger in the same gallery. So if our exhibition is not enought to attract you, we hope that this will help you to decide!