Manang is remote mountain village beneath the Annapurna massif in Nepal. In 1979 the Czech photographer Zdenek Thoma spent a several days photographing the village and it's people. After approximately thirty years, his son Michal arrived to Manang documenting the dramatic change. The original exhibition set of old and new photographs created by the father and son authors was displayed in Kathmandu, Nepal and is kept in Manang village itself as a permanent show. Photographic project reached it's flashpoint in autumn 2011 with the big exhibition in the Prague's Stone Bell House. Another displays in the regions of Czech Republic and European countries are in planning.

Quest for the next exhibition venue


Exhibition in the Prague's Stone Bell House is over though whole project Manang 30 Years After continues. Enlarged photographs are stored and we only wait for the next opportunity to exhibit them on an appropriate place or event (like travellers' or mountaineering festivals etc.).

We're seeking exhibition venue around the regions in Czech Republic, especially in the district towns or some exhibition opportunities around European countries. If you have any idea or offer, please don't hesitate to contact us!<--break->

14 September opening ceremony in hindsight

Zahájení výstavyThanks to the photographs of Josef Hebr you can look at the openig ceremony and overall exhibition setting in the Stone Bell House's cellars. Exhibition was inaugurated by the speech of Ivan M. Havel and the experimental musician duo The Havels.

Commented viewings and diashow

Exhibition custodians with Zdeněk Thoma in the enterance room.We're organizing two commented exhibition viewing with the authors Zdeněk and Michal Thoma on Thursday 22 September from 5 pm and on Saturday 1 October from 11 am. Meeting is in the entrance room of exhibition in the cellars of Stone Bell House (City Gallery Prague, Old Town Square 13, Prague 1). Viewing will take approximately one hour. The experimental music duo The Havels will also perform as part of the viewing. Entrance is free.

New catalogue printed!

Katalog Manang po třicet letechOn the occassion of the exhibition opening in the Stone Bell House, Prague, we printed new exhibition catalogue in Czech and English language. Publication 64 pages in A4 size and is printed on high resolution paper. Catalgoue presents ten of exhibition photographs as as complete project and Expedition Manang 2011 background. 

Catalogue is sold for 90 CZK (approximately 3.8 Euro) Catalogue can be bought during exhibitions or ordered by e-mail. In this case postage and packing has is charged extra (inquire by e-mail to check postage cost for your locality).

Electronic catalogue is availabe for download for free.

Manang 30 Years After Catalogue, PDF, 12 MB

Short movie about Expedition Manang 2011

Zdeněk Thoma a Miloš ZábranskýAt the spring, when we carried our exhibition to Manang, our friend and film director Miloš Zábranský gave us company. He was recording video during all days of our travel. From the short film, he just presented, you can get a notion of today's Manang and about the our one week long stay in this exceptional village.

Invitation to exhibition opening on 14th September in Prague!

InvitationWednesday 14th September, 5:30pm, cellars of the Stone Bell HouseCity Gallery of Prague, Old Town Square 13, Prague 1

Exhibition will be started by Ivan M. Havel and the authors. The experimental musician duo The Havels will play and catering will be provided by Good Tea Room and Wine Cellars Lechovice.

Exhibition at the Stone Bell House since 15th September!

Tři grácie z MananguExtended set of the project pohotographs will be exhibited in the cellars of Stone Bell House (City Gallery of Prague) from 15th September to 16th October. You will see 80 photograpsh enlarged to 70x45 and 45x30 centimeters and even two panoramatic shots two meters wide. Beautiful venue of the medieval house in the center of Prague is like created for our exhibition!

Media response to the exhibition in Manang

Expedition ManangAlthough the village 6 days walk away from nearest road and 3500 meters high is not really attractive place for TV staffs and reporters' crowds, we got very satisfactory coverage by various media.

Whole two pages of English language weekly Nepali Times was dedicated to the project. Feature by noted Nepali journalist Kunda Dixit bears the title "Not just taking pictures, but giving them back".

Exhibition starts in Manang!

Exhibition in Manang was successfully launched according to plan! After six days ascend to the mountains we reached Manang and after another two days of hard work, the photographs were hanging in the courtyard od Manang Culture Museum. Even the unexpected snowfall didn't disturb opening at 4th April afternoon.

Expedition starts!

All expedtiont members met in Kathmandu in  24th March. President of Manang Youth Society Tripple Gurung held very jolly party in his house for the occasion. In care of Tripple's wife Ramyata, who is managing director of KIMFF, we finished details of the tour. On photograph from the right you can see director Milos Zabransky, traveller Libor Bures, Zdenek and Michal Thoma and the host Tripple Gurung. Please stay tuned for more details from our expedition!

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